Pressure Washing Services – COVID-19 Responses

It is no secret that the COVID-19 shifted the way in which businesses of every industry operate, and that includes pressure washing professionals. With the millions of cases and thousands of deaths that have occurred since the pandemic outbreak and with no vaccine available yet, sanitation concerns are still highly prominent than ever before, and rightfully so. Because of this reality, Hydro Force leveraged innovation and took momentous precautionary measures to forefront health protection, proven to give customers like you the peace of mind your safety has been prioritized.


Contactless Services

Hydro Force has taken social distancing and reducing viral spread incredibly seriously. As a response to maximize the efforts, they have come up with a contactless payment structure. This means that they have eliminated customer contact altogether when making payments so everyone can feel secure and safe. Payments are now made entirely online and in the comfort of your own home.


Mask Wearing

 With COVID-19 being a known airborne virus, mask-wearing is now mandatory for every Hydro Force professional from the moment they arrive at your home to when they leave. Though they will be spending their time outdoors, the team is adamant about wearing high filtration masks on properties to reduce/eliminate concerns for everyone.


High Sanitization

 The Hydro Force team has always been keen on sanitization. Even before the pandemic, they took pride in their disinfecting efforts, such as mindful handwashing before and after serving a home. But since March, they kicked it into a higher gear. Sanitization is now spotlighted and stressed more than ever before. From personal hygiene to the sanitization of tools, the team works hard to minimize risk through these efforts, and they have been evidently successful thus far with their advancing ways. 


Social Distancing

 Following along with the CDC 6-foot distancing guideline, Hydro Force has ensured to practice this both on location and in the office. They are diligent about staying a safe distance from others around them (while wearing masks), without reducing their customer engagement to provide positive experiences. They have found the perfect balance of space and interaction, giving their customers the best of both worlds.


Bonus fact: If an employee shows any signs of sickness, COVID-19, or not, they will remain out of work until they are cleared to come back. You will never have someone who is sick at your home.


Conclusion – Schedule a Worry-Free Pressure Washing Service Today

 If your home needs pressure washing, then you can have the solidifying confidence that you can obtain professional, top-quality results without having to worry about your health when you choose Hydro Force. They genuinely care about their customers’ and employees’ safety and made an appoint to put everyone’s health first without sacrificing value. Overall, with their upgraded processes and protocols, you can have the best of both worlds and not have to worry about forfeiting your pressure washing needs during such uncertain times.


So, if you are ready to enhance your home’s value and appeal, all while having the assurance you are safe, then give Hydro Force a call today. Furthermore, if you have any additional questions regarding their COVID-19 responses, please do not hesitate to ask.