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Welcome to our blog about house washing services! Keeping your house looking its best is essential for its value and curb appeal. But without investing in specialized pressure cleaning, it can be incredibly hard to remove deep set dirt, algae, mildew and other damaging pollutants and deposits. Soft washing is the perfect solution – our dedicated house soft washing service is designed to supply your home with a gentle, yet effective clean. Read on to find out more about this process and how it can add value to your home.

Definition of Soft Washing

Soft house washing is an innovative cleaning method used to clean surfaces and remove dirt, debris, and mildew. This method makes use of lower pressure and special biodegradable soaps to provide a deep and thorough cleaning for all types of surfaces. Soft washing does not involve the use of high pressure or any harsh chemicals, which makes it a far less damaging and more effective way of removing dirt, debris, and mold from any surface. It is also a much safer and eco-friendly cleaning alternative that produces superior results. Soft washing is also known to be highly effective in removing airborne contaminants, making it ideal for outdoor surfaces like roofing and decks.

Why Soft Washing is Essential for Homeowners

Soft washing can be incredibly beneficial for homeowners. This gentle process, which uses low pressure water and a specialized cleaning solution, is capable of deeply cleaning exterior surfaces while still being gentle enough to avoid creating any damage. It is an effective way to remove stains caused by mildew, mold, and algae without the need for a harsh jet wash system. Plus, the specialized cleaning solution used in soft washing helps to protect the surface from further damage and discoloration, meaning homeowners can keep their exterior surfaces looking like new for much longer. With soft washing, homeowners can save both time and money while maintaining their home’s exterior.

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Benefits of Hiring Professional House Washing Service

Hiring a professional house washing service is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your home looking its best. Not only can they help preserve your home’s siding and roof from the elements, but they can also offer other services with an all-inclusive washing package. These professionals can clean your home’s windows, pressure wash decks and patios, and even restore your exterior finish. By hiring a professional, you’ll save time and money with a complete package that also includes a guarantee of satisfaction. Plus, professional services can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your job is done right the first time. Additionally, you can rest assured that your home is always cleaned to the highest sanitation standard.

What is Involved in Soft House Washing?

Soft washing is a specialized process used for cleaning and sanitizing different surfaces, most commonly siding and roofs. Unlike power washing, soft washing involves the use of low pressure, high volume water, along with biodegradable soaps and detergents designed to specifically target the buildup of organic matter, including algae, mildew, moss, bacteria, and other contaminants. The low-pressure water application helps ensure that the underlying surface isn’t damaged, while the soaps and detergents break down and lift away the buildup. Once the process is complete, the surface is cleaned and sanitized, ready to look its best. Soft washing is an effective way to maintain the appearance and condition of a home’s exterior and help protect its value over the long term.

Common Reasons for House Washing

Washing your house is an important part of keeping both residential and commercial spaces in top condition. From eliminating mildew and mold to restoring the look of buildings, there are many different reasons why homeowners and business owners might opt to have their buildings washed. The most common reasons for having your house washed include improving curb appeal, removing dirt and grime, decreasing the presence of mold and mildew, and increasing property value. For homeowners, house washing is a great way to remove stubborn dirt and grime, allowing them to keep their homes looking fresh and new. Business owners might opt for soft washing to improve their building’s curb appeal, which can draw in more customers. Additionally, removing mold and mildew helps increase air quality and maintain a healthy environment for all. Getting your house soft washed is an effective way to improve the look and overall cleanliness of any space without a large investment of time and effort.

Accumulation of Algae

Algae accumulation is one of the most common reasons to require house washing services. Algae is caused by an excessive accumulation of dirt, moisture, and, in some cases, poop from birds. It can lead to dangerous contaminants entering the home including mold, mildew, and bacteria. Not only are these contaminants hazardous to human health, but they can damage and discolor the exterior of your home. House washing services can provide a comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting of the exterior of your home, eliminating even the most resilient algae growth. Professional house washing services provide a safe solution to eliminating algae and restoring the beauty of your home.

Growth of Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew growth ranks among the most common reasons for house washing. Mold and mildew are caused by excessive moisture in the air, producing spores that stick to most surfaces and breed without proper house washing hygiene. The growth of mold and mildew on the exterior of a house can cause significant damage in the structure over time. The staining of walls and surfaces can also reduce the aesthetic appeal, creating an eyesore for your neighborhood. Aside from the visible staining, it can also cause health issues if ingested or if spores are inhaled. The regular washing of your house can help to reduce the growth of mold and mildew and maintain the structural integrity and value of your property.

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Choosing a Soft Washing Professional

When selecting a house washing professional, be sure to hire someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, and works according to safety standards. It’s important to get an expert opinion on the best methods for treating different surfaces. The ideal professional should use soft washing equipment specifically designed for the task, be familiar with the necessary safety measures, and use biodegradable solutions that are effective but also safe for the environment. A qualified soft washing professional should be able to calmly and efficiently handle any potential issues or questions that arise in order to ensure the job is done correctly.

Experience and Equipment

When looking for a soft washing professional, you should always verify that they have the necessary experience and equipment. Most reputable soft washing professionals will have extensive experience as well as specialized equipment that allows them to perform their job correctly. The right equipment will also ensure that your property looks its best and the results of the soft washing are long lasting.

Quality of Service

When searching for a house washing professional, the quality of service should be the first and foremost consideration. Quality services include; extensive knowledge of industry best practices, safe and effective application of cleaning agents, processes, techniques, and the use of industry-leading cleaning tools and equipment. You should also look for a company that has professional representations of all personnel they have, plus a solid track record of customer satisfaction due to their reputation for excellence. When you have narrowed your search to a few individuals and companies, be sure to ask for references and read reviews to confirm their level of quality. Choosing a soft washing professional should only be done with careful consideration and a strong commitment to selecting the very best service available.


At the end of the day, finding a qualified house soft washing professional is more of an art than a science. When looking for a professional service provider make sure to do your due diligence: research the company’s website, reputation, and customer reviews. Through meticulous planning and research, you will be assured that you are receiving the best possible service. A soft washing professional will allow you to rest easy, knowing that they have the right expertise to get the job done. The professionals at Hydro Force are committed to a higher level of quality and service that will last you for years to come.

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