5 Reasons Why You Need To Clean Your Gutters

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Why Gutter Cleaning Is Important

The idea of spending a few of your precious weekend hours cleaning out your home or commercial building’s gutters might not seem appealing.

But routine gutter maintenance can keep your home secure, protected, and intact. When it comes to cleaning out your gutters, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Read on to learn more about why you need to clean your gutters in order to protect your property’s roof, foundation, and general integrity

Avoid Water Damage

When gutters do their job, they collect rainwater that runs off from your roof and transport it safely away from your home through downspouts. However, when leaves, dirt, and debris clog up your gutters, rainwater can’t move as well away from your home or commercial building’s roof and foundation. Overtime, water will collect in your gutters and overflow into the foundation of your home. Water damage to your roof, siding, or foundation can cause thousands of dollars of damage, so it’s best for your wallet if you regularly clean your gutters.

Protect Your Roof

Water damage isn’t the only way clogged gutters can damage your roof. The more clogged gutters become, the heavier they get. If they become too heavy, they can place a strain on your roof. If clogged up gutters prevent water from escaping down the drain spout, you could even end up with rotting shingles or roofing materials. In the worst case scenario, overfilled gutters can even collapse your roof.

Keep Out Pests

Clogged gutters can invite annoying critters to make their home on your roof. So unless you want pests like mice, squirrels, bugs, or birds to take up residence in your gutters, you need to clean them regularly. Moreover, standing water and rotting debris are breeding grounds for mold, fungus, and even tree seedlings!

Guard Your Gutters

Regular gutter maintenance not only protects your roof and foundation but also extends the lifespan of your gutter system itself. When gutters clog up, they become heavy and overweight. This extra burden can put stress on the fascia boards, potentially even causing them to fall off. This weight might also dislodge the brackets holding the gutter system in place. And as dampness accumulates, rust can also degrade the gutter itself, causing corrosion. In the long run, keeping your gutters clean will save you money by extending the lifespan of your gutter system.

Save Your Foundation

When gutters work correctly, they send water down drain spouts and away from your home’s foundation. But if they are clogged up, overflow, or the downspouts are pointed towards your home, your foundation can become weakened or damaged. Water that seeps into your foundation can not only weaken its strength, but when it freezes it can expand and cause major cracks in the foundation. If too much water gets into your foundation, your basement may even end up flooding. A clean gutter will allow water to efficiently move away from your home, protecting its integrity and strength.

Commercial and Residential Gutter Cleaning in Cumming, GA

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